Bloody Bikers!

You won’t understand the reason for such a rude topic, unless you buy a brand-new car and it gets scratched by a guy on a Courier Bike when he’s trying to be over-smart and is going between the jam-packed lines of cars to the front line on a red-light.

The irony, is that more than half of them in bigger cities are usually students and literate boys, yet they don’t give a shit if they are scratching the bumpers or sides of a brand new car, making an irreversible damage to it. Next? You cannot go get a the whole bumper painted for just 2-3 scratches and if you try to get it covered with a brush (commonly referred to as qalam) it looks UGLY!

You IDIOTS, IMBECILES! you trash someone’s only valuable possession, just to save a few minutes! Is your backside on FIRE? or your you have to go and put out a fire? or Rescue a patient? It is actually INSANE!

A little patience from bikers (and car drivers also) can make daily commute so much better and easier on the nerves.

(PS: this especially is targetted towards CHWWAL BIKERS of Lahore)

Bloody Bikers!

Imran Khan at PTI’s Lahore JALSA on 30th October 2011

It’s been great. Simply put, awesome. No one, not even Imran Khan were expecting such an amazing turn-out at the event.

From where I am looking at it, the current wave is not because of the charisma of Imran Khan, or by any efforts of PTI workers. It’s all working, thanks to the amazingly pathetic government of PPP, and strangely idiotic opposition from PML(N) which is primarily based on personal gains. People are tired. That is the only reason why they are out for a new face.

What’s wrong with this picture?

From the beginning, Imran stressed on one thing, that he does not want to include tried-&-tested corrupt people in PTI’s ranks. I wonder where does that put people like Hamid Khan (a known corrupt lawyer, with not-so-affable reputation), or Mian Azhar for that matter? (he’s the same guy who founded PML(Q) in Musharraf’s command), & then Fouzia Qasuri? I am not sure, but I have a gut-feeling that she also must be from the Qasuri family!! (former Minister of Foreign Affairs from Musharraf regime).

In beginning, he had an impressive line-up of some great teachers, and people by his side. But then, perhaps due to media’s constant bashing, pressure from establishment, or some insiders scaring him, he went on to include ‘famous names’ in PTI ranks, and it sucks, skipper! You would’ve done better without!

I was in full support of his, but since last night, and repeatedly reviewing his speech, i am having second thoughts! Seriously!

Thaneydaar to be elected? Gah! at one point, he wants to de-politicize the Police! on the other hand he’s planning to fully politicize whatever is left of it. Wondering? Good!
Now imagine (just an example), Constituency # NA 1. The MNA & all MPAs are from, lets say PTI. Now we know that the majority votes are with PTI. Now don’t you think that all the police officers of that constituency would automatically have an inclination towards PTI so that they can get elected by PTI’s support? YES! I hope you got it!

He is definitely confused about many issues. Can somebody tell me that who’s given him (or PTI)  authority or mandate to probe into other people’s assets? Isn’t this supposed to be NAB or SCP’s job to do such! Isn’t this simply a plan for an invasion of privacy? Yes it is! Untill & unless authorized by a competent court, or such, it is.

Civil Disobedience? because politicians are not declaring their assets. Does this makes any sense? Is it really that big an issue, to ignite Civil Disobedience? are we followers of Gandhi now? or was it Quaid-e-Azam who always avoided going into such situations?

And his revolutionary plans to end terrorism through tribals! amazingly DUMB! CMMON fellas! if they were that good? why did they let Taliban take over in the first place? Army entered very late when things went totally out of control, and when Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan literally started policing in those areas. They could not before, and they still can never counter the heavily-foreign-funded TTP or Al-Qaeda. It’s like living in a fool’s paradise. FACE IT! 

Mr. Imran Khan. You definitely need to review your views. People have high hopes from you. Same as they had from Nawaz Sharif. PLEASE DO NOT lead them into a bigger, darker future than what it is today. DO NOT FAIL THEIR ONLY HOPE! The mayhem and confusion you might induce (unintentionally probably), through these young people, would be disastrous.

Imran Khan at PTI’s Lahore JALSA on 30th October 2011