Floods in Sindh & Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa

2012 once again made us see countless innocent people at stake wand their  meagre possessions at risk of full loss due to the recurring floods each year, all due to the incompetent  governments (this one, and prior as well) and their planning…

The only reason… neeyat ka fatoor aur kam-aqli… (translation: mal-intentions and stupidity)

Yep! it may sound extremely rude but somehow I’ve realized that have you ever realized why Khyper-Pakhtoonkhwa and Sindh are usually worst hit by the floods? Nopes… it’s not because of any better management of Punjab government. The major reason (and it sounds bitter) is that it’s happening to those two provinces who were against Kalabagh Dam being built in Punjab.

Isn’t this a good time for the leaders of these provinces, especially those who trigger the provincial sentiments of general public against Punjab to aid their own agendas, to realize that the hate they are spreading among poor people against Punjab is ultimately damaging so much of their own people. Karma. What goes around – comes around. Their negativity coming back in their face in shape of natural disasters.

Sindhis & Pakhtoons (people of Sindh & Khyper Pakhtoonkhwa)… wake up. If we have to live in this country, then we will have to trust each other. Otherwise, there is simply no reason to stay together at all. Kalabagh Dam and other such projects are not for one Province’s benefit. It’s for the whole country.

It’s a good time to think for the whole country… and it’s not just for this one country I am talking about. Globally, Indians, Arabs, Europeans, and even Americans… need to open their eyes to the reality… that the flawed decisions of their leaders (or politicians in most cases) are primarily designed to help those individuals or their parties and agendas, not the countries at large, or mankind. STAND UP against it. THINK before you make an opinion, any opinion.


Floods in Sindh & Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa