The Muslim Divide

The divide has been the core problem in unity of Muslims as one nation since the very begining. Ever wondered WHY we can’t get over it?

The beginings
OK! lets face it. Islam does not promote or support the right to rule by way of inheritance. Many Shias that I’ve had discussions with seems convinced that after the Prophet (PBUH) the Khilafa should have been handed over to Hazrat Ali (R.A) because he was the linked to the Prophet (PBUH) by blood. WHY?

Well, the same thing was done Hazrat Ameer Muawwiyya appointed his son, the infamous Yazeed, to the throne using same inheritance principal, mainly because his clan (Ummayyids) were larger in number and had a bigger force, and say in the matters.

Moving on to the struggle of Imam Hussain (R.A) who stood up against the very thing which Shia’s today advocates, the right to throne by way of blood or relation. The very struggle of Imam Hussain (R.A) to pose oppoistion to the Khilafa which was being handed over to the son by the father, and not by popular vote.

The brands and differentiation strategy
The truth of the matter is simple.
Various brand managers have been striving to outsell the other by way of differentiation.
Sounds Stupid? Let me explain. Sunnies (Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi and Humbli), Barelvis, Wahabis, Shias (and their various sub sects) are all putting up different flavours of religion like it’s an ice-cream.
Another example can be taken from when a larger province is divided into two parts leads to 2 governments, with 2 different leaders, 2 different set of bureaucracy structures, bla bla bla…
Getting there yet?

In short, and Basically, it’s all about game FOR thrones! If you don’t have a shot for current throne, make a new one!! It’s actually funny how common man can so easily be manupilated by these so-called Ulemaa’s and Zakir’een.

The strategy goes on,
Sunnies have Mosques, lets call ours Imam Bargah! Someone would name theirs’ as Jama’at Khana! and so on and so forth.


The Pathetic Reality
Why ISLAM? or any religion for that matter?
Most of you would agree that religion is a simple concept. It sets you on the path to worship the true GOD, live your lives as per His directions, and ultimately be able to enter the Paradise!

Why the deviation then?

Aren’t we deviating from the path? Haven’t we been wasting our energies in things that are NOT EVEN REQUIRED by Allah SWT to reach our goal?

I fail to understand why even the most literate of us have been unable to grasp and realize this one single thing.


I am SYED, you are NOT! Get lost!
It is widely known that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explicitly advocated and preached EQUALITY of mankind. Not just Muslims, but MANKIND! And the people who claims to be from his Family, the SYEDS, believes they are superior to others Muslims, and that they are destined to enter paradise no-matter what they do.
You let down the Prophet (PBUH) and his teachings, and Ironically enough, all in HIS NAME! Because your claim to piety and superiority is that you come from his family.

One thing that must be very clear to each and every Muslim, is that ALLAH is the only MAULA!
It’s a sad thing that I’ve noticed numerous times from almost all sects of Muslims, that they are convinced that some person has powers equal to those of Allah, and he can fulfil their wishes. The Sunnies primarily place the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and ask from him. HELLO! It’s been mentioned numerous times in Qura’an that Prophet (PBUH) was a Human being.
Shias go as far as placing Hazrat Ali (R.A) or Imam Hussain (R.A) for fulfilling all their wishes.
The trend becomes dangerous when people start asking favours from Sufi’aa, like Laal Shahbaz Qalandar, and Daata Sahab.
This is SHIRK! be very clear about it. It’s been said many times in Qura’an that not even a leaf can move without the consent of Allah.

Why the Whinning?
Either kill all Shia’s, or kill all Sunnies. Sandly, this one blog entry won’t change anything. And most of us are so convinced that we have sealed our ability to question the logics of our beliefs.

PS: I am not a ‘wahabi’, and I truly believe in respect for all the saints, their shrines, all sects and beliefs, however, I wish that there was more unity in Muslims, and a bit of logical reasoning to what they believe in.

The Muslim Divide