Getting rid of myself!

So, I have changed the name of the blog, the address, the theme, even my author name. Guess I am running away from my own self. Or people who know me.

Life has been idiotically brutal with me past whole year. I didn’t made one post. I couldn’t. I had so much to blabber about, but the vicious daily routine that we are made to follow by walking the minion-life (as I call it) for people in power & money, controlling our lives.

People are strange. They leave you right when it becomes difficult for you to part with them. Is it just me or does it happens to others too? If possible, and IFFFF anyone’s reading this, do comment. How can someone be so indifferent. I know most people doesn’t agree, some call it against religion ‘n all, but I feel, people from certain zodiac sign are more brutal than others. And I wonder why God made me in such a way that I am i.e. A person with really gullible feelings inside.

The life is happening where I have to smile, meet n greet, and everything, but inside I feel like really empty. An aimless wanderer. Spending time, passing time till the angel of death comes and takes me away!!

Enough for today.

Getting rid of myself!

the Cheating

Someone pointed this out on one of my last few posts, that I am shifting from the theme of this blog. Not being the angry rebel I was supposed to be. I guess after everything, a rebel is also only as human as anyone else, and goes through similar sorts of emotional issues and thought process. Or perhaps, rebelas are more emotional, and that’s what makes ’em such. May be I am angry at things. May be, I am angry inside. May be, I am sort of angry with someone I cannot and should not be angry at. Very angry.

So… this one question has been bugging me most of my recent life, last few months 🙂

Can you cheat on someone who’s already left your world, or was never yours to begin with?

Human mind never fails to amaze me. Seriously!

Why is there this feeling of something wrong happening, when someone was never yours to begin with, OR is now gone, and you cannot move on just because you feel as if you are doing something wrong if you move to other options. Is this some sort of addiction? some sort of sick-minded infatuation? or simply a condition of being in love. Is it even love? or some mental disorder, like there are people who are in love with dead people (necrophilia), or game characters (like that geek in Japan who married a game character), or celebrities usually.

But there is definitely something deeper than it seems. Perhaps I do not want to accept it, ‘cuz if I did, it’ll get difficult for me to move anyplace at all.

God! help me.

the Cheating