Bloody Bikers!

You won’t understand the reason for such a rude topic, unless you buy a brand-new car and it gets scratched by a guy on a Courier Bike when he’s trying to be over-smart and is going between the jam-packed lines of cars to the front line on a red-light.

The irony, is that more than half of them in bigger cities are usually students and literate boys, yet they don’t give a shit if they are scratching the bumpers or sides of a brand new car, making an irreversible damage to it. Next? You cannot go get a the whole bumper painted for just 2-3 scratches and if you try to get it covered with a brush (commonly referred to as qalam) it looks UGLY!

You IDIOTS, IMBECILES! you trash someone’s only valuable possession, just to save a few minutes! Is your backside on FIRE? or your you have to go and put out a fire? or Rescue a patient? It is actually INSANE!

A little patience from bikers (and car drivers also) can make daily commute so much better and easier on the nerves.

(PS: this especially is targetted towards CHWWAL BIKERS of Lahore)

Bloody Bikers!