Getting rid of myself!

So, I have changed the name of the blog, the address, the theme, even my author name. Guess I am running away from my own self. Or people who know me.

Life has been idiotically brutal with me past whole year. I didn’t made one post. I couldn’t. I had so much to blabber about, but the vicious daily routine that we are made to follow by walking the minion-life (as I call it) for people in power & money, controlling our lives.

People are strange. They leave you right when it becomes difficult for you to part with them. Is it just me or does it happens to others too? If possible, and IFFFF anyone’s reading this, do comment. How can someone be so indifferent. I know most people doesn’t agree, some call it against religion ‘n all, but I feel, people from certain zodiac sign are more brutal than others. And I wonder why God made me in such a way that I am i.e. A person with really gullible feelings inside.

The life is happening where I have to smile, meet n greet, and everything, but inside I feel like really empty. An aimless wanderer. Spending time, passing time till the angel of death comes and takes me away!!

Enough for today.

Getting rid of myself!

The revelations in Death

Death of your loved one is one of the saddest events, and unfortunately I had to go through this experience in the worst of ways, and it took me through strange experiences!

To begin with, I stopped caring about this life that much. I felt the reality of what goes with you when you leave. NOTHING.

I hated it when people came to me. I hated to tell people about my loss. Yet I had to. I still hate it when people talk about it with fake concern, because I myself once used to feel nothing at others’ loss, so I know when it’s fake.

I saw how friends I considered to be my oldest and ‘best’, never showed up after that day. They didn’t even bother to call, as if I will such life out of them!!!

I was amazed to see who stayed, kept visiting us all, kept on socializing during the whole time, and who tried to aid the departed through Fatiha or Recitations of Quran.

The most sad part was when I told a very few people, and out of those, to whom I was looking for a shoulder to cry on, very few responded.

As if they would never go through this stage.

I saw how big a fool I was to kept on loving those people, messaging them, hoping to see two lines of empathy or sympathy for my loss, and they didn’t even bother to do that.

A lot of strange new revelations. How the world reacts when you have lost your most precious!

The revelations in Death, for the living, of the living…

Makes sense?!?!?!?!!

The revelations in Death

The Muslim Divide

The divide has been the core problem in unity of Muslims as one nation since the very begining. Ever wondered WHY we can’t get over it?

The beginings
OK! lets face it. Islam does not promote or support the right to rule by way of inheritance. Many Shias that I’ve had discussions with seems convinced that after the Prophet (PBUH) the Khilafa should have been handed over to Hazrat Ali (R.A) because he was the linked to the Prophet (PBUH) by blood. WHY?

Well, the same thing was done Hazrat Ameer Muawwiyya appointed his son, the infamous Yazeed, to the throne using same inheritance principal, mainly because his clan (Ummayyids) were larger in number and had a bigger force, and say in the matters.

Moving on to the struggle of Imam Hussain (R.A) who stood up against the very thing which Shia’s today advocates, the right to throne by way of blood or relation. The very struggle of Imam Hussain (R.A) to pose oppoistion to the Khilafa which was being handed over to the son by the father, and not by popular vote.

The brands and differentiation strategy
The truth of the matter is simple.
Various brand managers have been striving to outsell the other by way of differentiation.
Sounds Stupid? Let me explain. Sunnies (Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi and Humbli), Barelvis, Wahabis, Shias (and their various sub sects) are all putting up different flavours of religion like it’s an ice-cream.
Another example can be taken from when a larger province is divided into two parts leads to 2 governments, with 2 different leaders, 2 different set of bureaucracy structures, bla bla bla…
Getting there yet?

In short, and Basically, it’s all about game FOR thrones! If you don’t have a shot for current throne, make a new one!! It’s actually funny how common man can so easily be manupilated by these so-called Ulemaa’s and Zakir’een.

The strategy goes on,
Sunnies have Mosques, lets call ours Imam Bargah! Someone would name theirs’ as Jama’at Khana! and so on and so forth.


The Pathetic Reality
Why ISLAM? or any religion for that matter?
Most of you would agree that religion is a simple concept. It sets you on the path to worship the true GOD, live your lives as per His directions, and ultimately be able to enter the Paradise!

Why the deviation then?

Aren’t we deviating from the path? Haven’t we been wasting our energies in things that are NOT EVEN REQUIRED by Allah SWT to reach our goal?

I fail to understand why even the most literate of us have been unable to grasp and realize this one single thing.


I am SYED, you are NOT! Get lost!
It is widely known that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explicitly advocated and preached EQUALITY of mankind. Not just Muslims, but MANKIND! And the people who claims to be from his Family, the SYEDS, believes they are superior to others Muslims, and that they are destined to enter paradise no-matter what they do.
You let down the Prophet (PBUH) and his teachings, and Ironically enough, all in HIS NAME! Because your claim to piety and superiority is that you come from his family.

One thing that must be very clear to each and every Muslim, is that ALLAH is the only MAULA!
It’s a sad thing that I’ve noticed numerous times from almost all sects of Muslims, that they are convinced that some person has powers equal to those of Allah, and he can fulfil their wishes. The Sunnies primarily place the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and ask from him. HELLO! It’s been mentioned numerous times in Qura’an that Prophet (PBUH) was a Human being.
Shias go as far as placing Hazrat Ali (R.A) or Imam Hussain (R.A) for fulfilling all their wishes.
The trend becomes dangerous when people start asking favours from Sufi’aa, like Laal Shahbaz Qalandar, and Daata Sahab.
This is SHIRK! be very clear about it. It’s been said many times in Qura’an that not even a leaf can move without the consent of Allah.

Why the Whinning?
Either kill all Shia’s, or kill all Sunnies. Sandly, this one blog entry won’t change anything. And most of us are so convinced that we have sealed our ability to question the logics of our beliefs.

PS: I am not a ‘wahabi’, and I truly believe in respect for all the saints, their shrines, all sects and beliefs, however, I wish that there was more unity in Muslims, and a bit of logical reasoning to what they believe in.

The Muslim Divide

Bloody Bikers!

You won’t understand the reason for such a rude topic, unless you buy a brand-new car and it gets scratched by a guy on a Courier Bike when he’s trying to be over-smart and is going between the jam-packed lines of cars to the front line on a red-light.

The irony, is that more than half of them in bigger cities are usually students and literate boys, yet they don’t give a shit if they are scratching the bumpers or sides of a brand new car, making an irreversible damage to it. Next? You cannot go get a the whole bumper painted for just 2-3 scratches and if you try to get it covered with a brush (commonly referred to as qalam) it looks UGLY!

You IDIOTS, IMBECILES! you trash someone’s only valuable possession, just to save a few minutes! Is your backside on FIRE? or your you have to go and put out a fire? or Rescue a patient? It is actually INSANE!

A little patience from bikers (and car drivers also) can make daily commute so much better and easier on the nerves.

(PS: this especially is targetted towards CHWWAL BIKERS of Lahore)

Bloody Bikers!

the Cheating

Someone pointed this out on one of my last few posts, that I am shifting from the theme of this blog. Not being the angry rebel I was supposed to be. I guess after everything, a rebel is also only as human as anyone else, and goes through similar sorts of emotional issues and thought process. Or perhaps, rebelas are more emotional, and that’s what makes ’em such. May be I am angry at things. May be, I am angry inside. May be, I am sort of angry with someone I cannot and should not be angry at. Very angry.

So… this one question has been bugging me most of my recent life, last few months 🙂

Can you cheat on someone who’s already left your world, or was never yours to begin with?

Human mind never fails to amaze me. Seriously!

Why is there this feeling of something wrong happening, when someone was never yours to begin with, OR is now gone, and you cannot move on just because you feel as if you are doing something wrong if you move to other options. Is this some sort of addiction? some sort of sick-minded infatuation? or simply a condition of being in love. Is it even love? or some mental disorder, like there are people who are in love with dead people (necrophilia), or game characters (like that geek in Japan who married a game character), or celebrities usually.

But there is definitely something deeper than it seems. Perhaps I do not want to accept it, ‘cuz if I did, it’ll get difficult for me to move anyplace at all.

God! help me.

the Cheating

Floods in Sindh & Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa

2012 once again made us see countless innocent people at stake wand their  meagre possessions at risk of full loss due to the recurring floods each year, all due to the incompetent  governments (this one, and prior as well) and their planning…

The only reason… neeyat ka fatoor aur kam-aqli… (translation: mal-intentions and stupidity)

Yep! it may sound extremely rude but somehow I’ve realized that have you ever realized why Khyper-Pakhtoonkhwa and Sindh are usually worst hit by the floods? Nopes… it’s not because of any better management of Punjab government. The major reason (and it sounds bitter) is that it’s happening to those two provinces who were against Kalabagh Dam being built in Punjab.

Isn’t this a good time for the leaders of these provinces, especially those who trigger the provincial sentiments of general public against Punjab to aid their own agendas, to realize that the hate they are spreading among poor people against Punjab is ultimately damaging so much of their own people. Karma. What goes around – comes around. Their negativity coming back in their face in shape of natural disasters.

Sindhis & Pakhtoons (people of Sindh & Khyper Pakhtoonkhwa)… wake up. If we have to live in this country, then we will have to trust each other. Otherwise, there is simply no reason to stay together at all. Kalabagh Dam and other such projects are not for one Province’s benefit. It’s for the whole country.

It’s a good time to think for the whole country… and it’s not just for this one country I am talking about. Globally, Indians, Arabs, Europeans, and even Americans… need to open their eyes to the reality… that the flawed decisions of their leaders (or politicians in most cases) are primarily designed to help those individuals or their parties and agendas, not the countries at large, or mankind. STAND UP against it. THINK before you make an opinion, any opinion.


Floods in Sindh & Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa

Is it LOVE?

Is it really love? if there’s not even a little madness and insanity involved in some way?

Oh! but before I start, here’s the disclaimer:
Any content presented in this post, the situations, feelings, talk shawk, or anything and everything, is imaginary and based solely on imagination of the author, and any resemblance to any thing in real life is purely co-incidental. TRUST ME. 🙂

Okay, so… here’s a situation (in a desi muslim context).

A guy ends up marrying a girl through an apparently pure arranged marriage. However, the girl does not go-off with him and the guy goes back to his job abroad. The girl is stuck here at her parents’, waiting for the blessed day she gets to be with him. He’s told the girl that he did a lot to make this marriage happen (means he loves her…. and the girl truly believes him! (does she have a choice now, to not to?? anyways…) now that he’s got her secured legally and all, he’s focusing on his priorities of life, like career, job, immigration to a more ‘live-able’ country, and all that… (a very sane thing to do indeed as according to many of you)
The girl is happy… she knows he loves her a lot (yep… she knows it all – in merely a month or so), and he’s there working, only for her (i think she’s also very sane to think as such) ‘cuz any idea of leaving the job or pressing his higher-ups to let him return back to his homeland for marriage might sabotage his career, which ensures HER stable future also… so it’s alright.

My question is that… Can we call it love? as in, if this situations was for real… or is it just a marriage of convenience??? with a little sugar-coating of family ties, relationship and ha-ha…love.

Why? Just why people and especially those described above… does not realize, the value of a human who completes you, is much much more, than a job, career or money. If you were so dying to marry her and you convinced everyone for this, shouldn’t you be leaving everything else just to be with that one person? or is it all gone… ‘cuz she’s legally bound to you and going nowhere? and you might lose your job and money if you try to go extra to be with her.

And the girl, wow… she believes its okay, because for her, perhaps a good lifestyle is more important than love alone or any such cheesy ideas. She believes any such acts (as I mentioned in above para) are idiotic, and childish. Khaali pyaar se pait nahi bharta (I told you she’s know-it-all) 😛

If you believe (in Islam) that God is the one responsible for rizq, then why on earth are you so afraid? I wonder if people even believe in God for real? or do they maintain their relation with God also for that convenience part?

Isn’t love, in its classical sense, is something in which people always go one step further? make sacrifices? take pains? bear loses (and sometimes regrets for a lifetime)? go overboard just to see a simple curve of smile on the lips of their beloved? when they can’t get to see or hear enough of that one person…why they can’t get that one person out of their mind not out of habit or frequency of how often they see them… only because they feel good about everyone and everything associated to the one they love. They take up battles when Helen is taken by trojans… they make water channels through mountains single-handedly if it’s for Shireen… or they even bear the stoning by ignorant people of Taif (Saudi Arabia) even though an angel offers ’em destruction of the town only because they have love for their people… idiots?…?

Love is not a matter of what happens in life. It’s a matter of what’s happening in your heart. If someone asks you for why you love her/him and you be able to explain why! then it’s definitely not love 🙂

SO… where’s the love if there’s no madness involved? What sort of love is it, that is shadowed over by career, money, convenience and waits for the optimal conditions and the right timings intead of going against the current to make things happen? I believe it’s not love. It’s just a marriage of convenience. Marriage for the sake of getting married. Something that ‘should be done’ as two people are brought together in a relationship. And now,  they are trying to convince that we really do love each-other… by mere words alone 🙂

Don’t you feel this love is sort of ‘conditional’ and depends on ‘ideal conditions’ only?  It’s there only when everything is fine. So it means that the ‘two’ will change (and love gone) when God forbid, a bit rough time comes along? Isn’t love supposed to make you go against the current? Something which keeps you glued when nothing is favorable. THAT…(I believe) is Love!

Did I made any sense up there? I usually don’t… ‘n you too, don’t bother!

G’bye… ‘Love’… 🙂 there are other things more important to people than you! still they would use your name anyways… ‘cuz it feels nicer…

Is it LOVE?