The revelations in Death

Death of your loved one is one of the saddest events, and unfortunately I had to go through this experience in the worst of ways, and it took me through strange experiences!

To begin with, I stopped caring about this life that much. I felt the reality of what goes with you when you leave. NOTHING.

I hated it when people came to me. I hated to tell people about my loss. Yet I had to. I still hate it when people talk about it with fake concern, because I myself once used to feel nothing at others’ loss, so I know when it’s fake.

I saw how friends I considered to be my oldest and ‘best’, never showed up after that day. They didn’t even bother to call, as if I will such life out of them!!!

I was amazed to see who stayed, kept visiting us all, kept on socializing during the whole time, and who tried to aid the departed through Fatiha or Recitations of Quran.

The most sad part was when I told a very few people, and out of those, to whom I was looking for a shoulder to cry on, very few responded.

As if they would never go through this stage.

I saw how big a fool I was to kept on loving those people, messaging them, hoping to see two lines of empathy or sympathy for my loss, and they didn’t even bother to do that.

A lot of strange new revelations. How the world reacts when you have lost your most precious!

The revelations in Death, for the living, of the living…

Makes sense?!?!?!?!!

The revelations in Death

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