‘n what’s there to celebrate for?

Another year of my life has come to an end! 🙂

and I seriously am still trying to figure out one good reason to feel happy today! Just one goddamned reason, but whichever way I look at my life at, there’s nothing to celebrate about. I’ve got no big achievements in my sack, in fact, I could not even succeed in getting even as much back as I invested in this life. May it be for plain sincere love, friends and friendships, social status, success in career, studies, enjoyment, drugs, girls, etc. etc., not even the religion I was born in. Such a waste!

There’s just this one achievement! I survived for another year – kaafi dheet hoon 🙂

I slaved away a whole year working, doing the same shit I’ve been doing for past 4 years. And it makes me terribly scared at times…that is this it? Is this all I am ever gonna be? I’ve become just another mechanical part in this capitalist machine, wasting my precious time, breath, and life, working for people I won’t even ever get a chance to meet or see. Eventually, I might (MIGHT) get married, perhaps, with children added into the scene later, working my ass off to feed them and fulfill their demands and so on so forth… and then one day, DIE! Silently. No one except my close relatives, and acquaintance would ever know.

Look around you. Isn’t this what happens around us on daily basis? Our neighbours? People who suddenly stop coming to the office and we lazily say Fateha on their death. It’s happening to us at this very moment? We’ll just perish with no trace? No big achievements, nothing to be remembered for?

SO! what AM I DOING ANYWAYS? And WHAT am I gonna do now, to be able to celebrate my life for something at least?

I’ve got not darn idea!

HBD R3b3L !!! D|3.D|3.D|3

‘n what’s there to celebrate for?

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