Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz, a bunch of Bogus Tricksters

Beginning of February 2012 started a new ‘drama’ for the Punjabis.

The Khaadam-e-Aala (The Supreme Servant – a servant who enjoys a motorcade of more than two dozen vehicles, which includes a fire-tender and a prison van as well – weird!) started distribution of free Laptops to the students of various Government run universities across Punjab. I met a boy today, who was happy because his sister got a free laptop from her university, and now the whole family is enjoying the new machine. FINE! at individual level, people who got these, are very happy! who doesn’t likes getting a free Laptop anyways? Take a broader view… and lets start the criticism!

  1. Reportedly, the Punjab Government spend PKR 4 Billion on this project – a TV anchor tweeted that it’s over 12 Billion. Whatever the real cost… the project was funded by taxpayers’ money. True? RIGHT! then why is it named as ‘Shahbaz Sharif’s e-Youth initiative’ ? ? ? why a person’s name? why not his designation? like Musharraf started ‘President’s Rozgar Scheme’ – So it’s my money, and someone else is trying to take all the credit by putting his name on the project! and trying to gain votes for his own-self by spending MY F**KIN’ MONEY! and that too without my advice or CONSENT! – even worse, I cannot do anything to reverse that.
  2. The amount of money spent on this project to buy votes, could have been used to form a complete new University, or hundreds of new Schools, ORRRR upgrading of old ones across Punjab.
  3. 110,000 Laptops are being distributed. Supplied by renowned brand DELL. GOOD JOB! buttt…. how about if the contract had a clause that, the supplier must manufacture these laptops IN PUNJAB! Can you imagine? How many jobs this would have created? A better image for other international brands, encouraging them to ‘dare’ and invest in Pakistan?
    NO WAY! Mr. TEENDA was in a hurry to buy votes before this set-up packs up. Who gives a F**K about the long-term vision or about the country!!! GAAAH!!!
  4. The misery doesn’t stop here. Look again to the RIGHT! 
    Can you see this ‘Nawaz Sharif Interchange’ built on Lahore Ring Road on Bedian Road (Near Phase 5&6 of DHA Lahore) ? ? ?
    Why ‘Nawaz Sharif Interchange’ ? Why NOT DHA Interchange? Why not anything else? WHY NAWAZ SHARIF? DID HE PAY FOR THIS PROJECT FROM HIS OWN POCKETS? NO! WHO IS HE? an EX-Prime Minister? SO WHAT? WHY NOT “ZAFARULLAH JAMALI INTERCHANGE” THEN ?

The same thing could be seen when Khaadim-e-Aala went to Gilgit-Baltistan for campaign of PML-N, and assured them of more quota for students in Punjab’s universities and colleges. This translates in to, depriving more Punjabi students, denying them admissions in their own institutes, being run by their tax money, only for political gain of PML-N. Pathetic.

WE NEED TO WAKE UP! SERIOUSLY. these gol-mol people, and their bunch of goons are trying to fool people. They want to buy people’s votes by using people’s own money!  WOAAH! GOOD SHOW “SHARIF BROS’!!! but U STILL SUCK! 🙂

Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz, a bunch of Bogus Tricksters

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